Cryptocurrency Technology

Mike Telvi’s Introduction to Cryptocurrency

Mike Telvi remembers a time when the term “cryptocurrency” was as difficult to decipher as the technology that powers it. The term was so new, in fact, that you could hardly find one in a hundred people who knew what it meant, let alone able to understand the technology behind it.

Thankfully, though, those days are long past, and Mike Telvi couldn’t be more glad. There is no doubt that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are now squarely on their journey to enter into mainstream consciousness.

Still, there are lots of people who do not know about cryptocurrencies, and even more than these in number are people who might have a vague idea as to how these are “virtual money”, but don’t really understand the technology that makes them possible in the first place.

Below Michael Telvi tries his best to explain as simply as possible, what cryptocurrencies are, the technology that powers them, their advantages of conventional money and lots more.

Crypto 101

Cryptocurrencies, as the name implies, can be taken to mean currencies that are securely encrypted through cryptography. This would imply that to understand what Cryptocurrencies are, you must first understand the basis of two terms: cryptography, and currency.

So what is cryptography? Cryptography can be defined as a system through which important information is encoded and securely distorted, so that for anyone to “decipher” the content of the information, they would have to possess the necessary apparatus needed for decryption.

Good. Now that we have cryptography out of the way, the next important term is currency. What are currencies? Even simpler. Currencies are widely accepted instruments of exchanging goods and services. 

Now that we understand what the two terms are, it isn’t hard anymore to get a clear picture of what cryptocurrencies are:

Cryptocurrencies are widely accepted means of exchange that are secured from theft and other malicious activities through cryptography.


At this point you may have already started to wonder about a couple of things: One, Why do we need cryptography to secure these currencies? And two, which kind of technology exactly do cryptocurrencies employ for their security.

The answer to both these questions, Michael Telvi tells us, can be summarized in just one word: blockchain. What is blockchain? Blockchain is a secured ledger wherein important information is recorded, and safely locked away from manipulation through cryptographic means.

You can think of a bitcoin blockchain as a document wherein every single bitcoin transaction is stored. Now, Michael Telvi says, it is the very fact that this ledger, the blockchain, can not be altered by malicious third parties, that makes them secure. 

And why can’t they be altered by malicious third parties? Because they’re locked from manipulation through cryptography. 

Imagine if the ledger were available to be edited as anyone sees fit, numerous problems would inevitably arise. You could immediately buy something with your cryptocurrency and edit the ledger to make it look as though you never spent your money, while retaining what you just bought.

Thanks to cryptography, though, this problem, and a host of others, have been successfully averted.

Why Use Cryptocurrencies

Now that we understand the very basis of what cryptocurrencies are, and why they’re so safe and secure, Michael Telvi explains next the importance of cryptocurrencies.

I mean, yes blockchain sounds so awesome and everything, but why should we even use it? Why don’t we just stick to traditional currencies that we’ve all become so familiar with in the first place. Well, Mike Telvi gives you four reasons below why cryptocurrencies are not just fancy and awesome, but important inventions with numerous real world uses.

1. Cryptocurrencies Offer a Decentralized Alternative

Before cryptocurrencies, every single financial transaction you make is tracked and recorded by either an institution or the government. You couldn’t do anything without permission from these bodies.

And given how malicious the banking institution has proven to be in recent times, being the architect of numerous financial crises and repressions, it is no doubt a great idea to figure a way to carry out transactions on our own without their involvement.

And that’s what we’ve managed to achieve with Bitcoin. Thanks to Bitcoin we don’t have to ask for permission from any central body before we carry out transactions. This, in itself, is a huge reason for widespread cryptocurrency adoption.

2. Cryptos Make Monetary Transactions Easier

Apart from being decentralized, safe and secure, there is another appeal to cryptocurrencies that Michael Telvi says can not be exaggerated – and that is the fact that they just make exchanging money easier.

You’d think that exchanging fiat would be an easy affair, and it is to an extent, but only during local transactions. When it comes to transacting over long distances, though, especially across borders, cryptocurrencies offer the most viable alternative right now thanks to their ease, effectiveness, and incredibly reasonable charges.

3. Really Powerful Technology

The blockchain technology, which is the powerhouse behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, is such a powerful technology with the ability to significantly alter the way we do things – not just financial transactions.

Thanks to its security, decentralization, and permissionless nature, blockchain has the ability to improve our lives in numerous other fields such as medicine, law, gaming, entertainment, you name it!

4. Cryptocurrencies are the Future

Michael Telvi, like many others, believes that cryptocurrencies are the future, and what’s more, he believes that you should make use of cryptocurrencies for this reason. 

Now this might seem like a superfluous thing to say, but it actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it. All through history we’ve seen instances of people fighting new technology because they think it wouldn’t amount to anything.

But you know the ones who took the most leverage from it? The ones who saw the vision from the start. Cryptocurrencies are still relatively at their early stages, and it isn’t too late for you to hop on the crypto train. Not only can you attain immense leverage through it, you can also rest assured knowing that when the inevitable future comes, you can look people in the eyes and tell them, “I told you so”.


Is Tiktok banned?

The US judge blocks a government ban on downloads of Tiktok only hours before the coverage was supposed to take effect.
The conclusion is a success for TikTok after it contested the ban as unconstitutional and a violation of due procedure.

The ban could have been an”outstanding action in the time once the demand at no cost, open and accessible communication in the usa is in its zenith” before a presidential election,” said John Hall, a lawyer representing TikTok, stated during a crisis hearing Sunday morning.
Authorities attorneys, meanwhile, contended at that hearing that TikTok’s possession by a Chinese company represented an”immediate threat” to national security. The program’s parent firm ByteDance is established in Beijing, along with the Trump government has promised that the program’s American consumer information dangers winding up at the control of the Chinese authorities. (Tiktok has denied this as a potential and says it retains US information stateside, using a copy in Singapore.)

Judge Carl Nichols’ view was issued under seal, therefore his precise reasoning for this order isn’t public. But throughout the crisis hearing, Nichols suggested that the Trump government’s ban, as structured, might be regarded as a”fairly substantial deprivation” of their organization’s due process rights.
The Commerce Department declared earlier this month which TikTok downloads could be prohibited September 20, and additional constraints goes into effect November 12 — which makes it illegal for net backbone businesses to carry TikTok’s traffic. (Such businesses help route traffic from internet servers to house web providers.)

Commerce postponed its first deadline last weekend following President Donald Trump gave his provisional boon to an arrangement that included TikTok, ByteDance, Oracle (ORCL) and Walmart (WMT). The price, which has not been finalized, has been meant to deal with Trump’s federal safety concerns about the program and provide at least partial ownership to American businesses and investors.
TikTok stated in a statement it was”happy” with the judgment.

“We shall keep on protecting our rights to the sake of our community and workers,” the firm said in a statement, adding it has been speak to the authorities about the proposal which Trump tentatively accepted.

The Commerce Department said Sunday that it might obey the injunction, but adding that its purchase has been”entirely consistent with regulations and boosts legitimate national security interests”


8 Innovations That Could Become the Next “Big Thing”

Halfway to 2016, it’s apparent that we’re living in a brand new age of innovation. The idea of this”next big thing” is getting redundant since discoveries have become normal. Listed below are nine emerging inventions that will soon change the world:

Artificial intelligence that could learn and operate independent of individual overlords appears like science fiction. However, this may turn into our new fact within the following 3-5 years. Robots are going to have the ability to find skills, perform tasks, and upload data into the cloud to assist other AI methods understand fast. Various kinds of AI will not need to be programmed individually anymore. They’ll comprehend thoughts, replicate processes, and create discoveries quicker than people ever could. The best part is that”prospective” is currently here.

  1. Immune system technology

Genetically engineered immune cells, such as Killer T cells developed to wipe out cancer, will save hundreds of lives.

We’re in the edge of solving some of their largest issues in human history. The next”big thing” will only result in some”bigger thing” because invention never stops. This is the opportunity to become involved. The potential is unlimited with financing and service available to anybody that has a fantastic idea.

  1. Autonomous driving
    How long can you spend commuting weekly? If Google, Apple or even Tesla receive their way, you will soon devote the time sleeping, studying or purchasing. Self-driving automobiles exist and everybody is rushing to control the marketplace. General Motors only obtained Cruise Automation for more than $1 billion and ride-hailing providers such as Uber and Lyft are investing hugely. Even garage hackers such as George Hotz are putting their spin on the business. Expect huge things.
  2. Reusable rockets
    Before, space exploration was extremely costly and wasteful. One launch prices between $100 to $300 million however the rocket flies just after before combusting through a free fall back through the planet’s atmosphere. Firms like SpaceX, Blue Origin and United Launch Alliance are altering the match by creating exactly maneuvered rockets that could land safely. 3D printing of rocket components and liquified all-natural gas options to jet fuel will reduce prices too. Soon , rockets will soon be reusable and space travel will become far less expensive.

AR enhances fact whilst VR helps us overlook it. Together, they start a world beyond reality, the world wide web or the net of items; a new business, the net of adventures , is emerging. Since VR and AR technologies enhance and much more content becomes accessible for customers, human expertise of technologies will alter forever.

  1. Quick version of renewable energy
    Within the following year, the Solarcity Gigafactory at Buffalo, New York will create around 10,000 solar panels each day. It’ll revolutionize the alternate energy business and also make solar energy considerably cheaper. The renewable energy tends to entice businesses and governments throughout the world as they try to solve the worldwide energy crisis. The invention, in this situation, is a system which quickly and economically produces renewable energy technology in a worldwide scale.
  2. Large scale desalination
    Desalination isn’t a new idea but has been hard to accommodate as a result of high expenses. Sorek, an Israeli firm, has assembled the world’s biggest desalination plant effective at generating 627,000 cubic meters of water every day. Within a calendar year, 50 percent of Israel’s water is forecast to come from desalination. Sorek has shown that desalination is potential at a huge scale. This invention may help solve California’s drought and possibly even the international water crisis.
  3. Ridiculously fast internet
    The times of dial-up modems are long gone along with the world wide web is a significant part of our everyday lives.

Wi-Fi has become passive, with 10,000 times less electricity.


Spotify and Joe Rogan under fire Alex Jones Part

Spotify is facing criticism from anti-misinformation bands and its staff within the overall look of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones about the Joe Rogan show.

Rogan’s hugely popular podcast signed an exclusivity deal with Spotify before this season for $100m (#77m).

However, Spotify employees have expressed concerns about the overall look of Jones as a guest.

Spotify banned Jones’ very own podcast a couple of decades back over hate speech.

The technology company, however, declined to comment about Mr Rogan’s broadcast.

Over the duration of a podcast, Jones discussed a selection of topics, such as how successful mask sporting was Covid-19, and the chance of vaccines which makes people ill.

Mr Rogan did reality tests of his own throughout the series.

However, campaigners are worried that Jones was given the chance to promote incorrect details regarding the stunt into such a massive crowd.

“They’re basically profiting out of the platforming of, and providing exposure tothe many bizarre and fringe views in the search for advertising dollars and subscription revenue,” said Imran Ahmed, chief executive of the Center for Countering Digital Hate.

“That really is a phenomenally cynical ethical choice to choose.”

Internal Collection
The Joe Rogan Show’s exclusivity deal with Spotify will observe the series vanish from different programs in the close of the year – but for the time being, it stays available and incredibly popular on different platforms like Apple podcasts and on YouTube.

However, Spotify’s payment for those rights to the podcast has stoked inner debate.

Bloomberg accounts the Spotify employees have taken to the organization’s inner Slack chat stations to explore the incident, sharing the inner forms for reporting material and escalating complaints.

Why Joe Rogan’s exclusive Spotify deal things
YouTube, Facebook and iTunes fall Alex Jones’ InfoWars
The inner pushback prompted an email to employees from the organization’s top legal officer, a copy of which was acquired by Buzzfeed News.

“If a staff member has questions about any part of content on the platform, you must encourage them to report it to Trust & Safety since they’re the specialists on our staff charged with reviewing articles,” the email stated.

“But it is important that they are not only flagging a part of content simply because of something they have read online. It is all too prevalent that matters are taken from context.”

One of many of”talking points” regarding the controversy recorded from the email was that”people aren’t going to prohibit certain people from being visitors on other people’s displays, since the episode/show interferes with our content policies”.

YouTube, that hosts the movie edition of the interview, stated it prohibited stations, but not speakers.

“Alex Jones’ station was declared and he could no longer run YouTube stations, but he’s still permitted to look in different movies so long as they comply with our community guidelines,” spokesman Alex Joseph stated.

“We have reviewed his most recent interview and it doesn’t violate our policies”

‘Fact-checked what’
Reacting to the controversy within an Instagram article, Rogan wrote:”I knew people were going to criticise the content of this podcast without so much as listening and that I was correct.”

He maintained he fact-checked”every single mad thing that he explained” and “all of these were confirmed”.

The answer had been accompanied by a movie of Bill Gates being interviewed about comparatively minor side-effects endured by a sizable percentage of individuals in a vaccine trial.

Alex Jones’ very own podcast has been eliminated from Spotify along with other services
“He said lots of mad, but true things, and that is what I have been referring to him for decades,” Rogan reasoned.

After the exclusivity deal has been announced, Rogan stated Spotify would not have any editorial control over the podcast.

However, Mr Ahmed said which has been”a very familiar narrative… in the stage which gains in the material – which there is nothing they could do while enjoying all of the benefits”.

“What Alex Jones stated was really very harmful,” he said, emphasizing the amount of Covid instances in america.

“A great deal of what was mentioned was scientific crap… I do not think Joe Rogan understands exactly what a fact-check is.”

The controversy came as Spotify declared that it had additional 27% more superior readers within the last year, together with 144 million paying clients – and a lot more free listeners that receive advertisements.

The business has aggressively pursued podcasting in the last couple of years, buying a range of content creators and software solutions.